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When planning huge events such as a wedding, many people can be tempted to save money and cut corners every way possible. Unfortunately, this means that many of them end up hiring an amateur DJ to provide the entertainment for their event. The problem with this is that hiring an amateur for such an important job can end up costing far more in the long run than you may have anticipated.

There are many reasons why hiring an amateur DJ is the wrong way to go. If you are in need of a professional Cape Cod DJ for any upcoming event, give 2Way Entertainment a call today. They will treat your event as though their reputation depends on it, because it does! That is one difference between an amateur and a professional. A pro stakes his or her reputation on every job that he or she takes. Here are a few other reasons to hire a professional Cape Cod Wedding DJ.

Experienced Cape Cod DJ

Professional Djs have put in the hours. They have worked hard to build their reputation, and they have the experience to handle very important, once-in-a-lifetime events such as your wedding with ease. Where an amateur may have little or no experience at high profile weddings and events, a professional will be able to entertain your guests with fresh and relevant music.


While an amateur may just be working as a Wedding DJ on the side or for fun, a professional sees this job as a career that he or she has built over time. Word of mouth can be very detrimental to the professional DJ and he or she knows it. Because of this, they will give a hundred and ten percent to their performance and making sure that your guests are entertained.


Just as with any other job, someone who works full time as a DJ will have the best equipment and tools for the job. An amateur DJ can get away with using second rate equipment and lower-quality tools. Any DJ worth his salt will tell you that it is vital to any job to have a fully functioning backup system just in case anything should go wrong. When hiring an amateur, you have to know that if a speaker blows or a laptop freezes up, then the music stops… indefinitely. Even if everything goes smoothly, the amateur is still more likely to have cheaper equipment which offers lower-quality sound. Not exactly the type of entertainment you’d want at your wedding.

Organizational Skills

The best Cape Cod DJ is organized. He or she has the whole event planned out, and will have a backup plan just in case one is needed. They have the experience to keep the flow of the crowd going smoothly. Let’s face it; in any event, it is the DJ who determines the mood of the audience and keeps them excited and happy when needed, and lowers the energy of the room when it is time for a calmer atmosphere. A professional DJ will have a time line… and stick to it unless the situation calls for a change. Those are just a few examples of why hiring a professional DJ is much more desirable to hiring an amateur. If you are looking for a DJ who has the experience and energy to handle your upcoming event, give 2Way Entertainment a call today.

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