Juke Box Rental

All day rental of a complete Digital Jukebox system loaded with music catered to your event. A list of suggested songs for all occasions to help get you started. Your basic package will consist of Jukebox, wires and operating instructions. The system will be delivered to your location and setup by a team member of 2Way Entertainment and picked up by a team member after your event has ended.

Music Rental Equipment

  • 1-Jukebox-
  • 2-Jukebox
  • 3-Jukebox
  • 4-Jukebox
  • 5-Jukebox
  • DSCF1017

Our Jukebox can hold over 70,000 songs, you can search by song title, artists or genre. Just double click on the song and it will appear on the Jukebox play list. Your songs will play as they are added to the song list. (You cannot delete songs after they appear on play list.) The Jukebox is easy to use and fun for all groups. The day of rental, a staff member from 2way Entertainment will give you hands on instructions to operate the Jukebox.

Our Package Cape Cod Juke Box Rental Package

  • Jukebox & Speakers: You get a pair of professional speakers that can be played
    indoors or outdoors. (Wires included).
  • Add on Karaoke System can also provide you with over 20,000 songs to which you can have lot’s of fun singing.
  • Included is a display monitor to view the words
  • 2 microphones that plug directly into Jukebox