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Imagine your wedding day, the guests arrive, they find their seats, gentle music is playing and a professional host greets them warmly. The room is elegantly dressed, and your decorations are finely set. Your hall is beautiful and set for an evening of fun! But is this all it can be?

Cape Cod Uplighting

Why settle for overhead lighting that may or may not be able to dim? Why settle for the same look that every wedding has at this location? Here is where you can go from great to amazing!

Accent UpLighting

Accent UpLighting
  • 1-Uplighting
  • 12-Uplighting
  • 2-Uplighting
  • 9-Uplighting

Imagine the bare walls suddenly shaded with your wedding colors! Imagine how candles will glint and crystal will sparkle when the room glows softly with dramatic and beautiful brilliance and the contrast of soft shadows. Imagine walking into a room transformed into a space worthy of such a magical night! When you have created such detail in the preparations for your special day, the room deserves equal attention.

Moderate Uplighting

Accent UpLighting
  • 16-Uplighting
  • 5-Uplighting
  • LD-6851
  • Moderate-Uplighting-1

When you use uplighting from your 2Way Entertainment to create a unique space for your reception, your photos have an instant back drop! Your dance floor is not only lighted by your 2Way Entertainment DJ special effect lighting, but by a surround of brilliance! The ordinary becomes extraordinary, each moment becomes more memorable because your guests are seeing something they will see only once in a lifetime. They are witnessing you and your love committing your lives to each other set to a landscape that is as visually stunning as any Hollywood production.

Maximum Uplighting

Accent UpLighting
  • 10-Uplighting
  • 11-Uplighting
  • 4-Uplighting
  • Full-Coverage-Uplighting

Here a few things to consider when planning for  wedding uplighting for your event. What up light colors will compliment your room, the decorations, your bridal colors and the theme of your night? A soft purple or blue is great for a more soothing feeling or a calming effect. Oranges and yellows are used to create drama, passion, and fire! Greens are used to lend a spunky and feisty air to the night! Colors to stay away from are deep reds and bright whites as the red tends to put many people into a darker mood and a bright white can be overly contrasting and hard to look at. Also, when lighting with reds and whites it can be too dark or too bright for good photographs and will cause quite a headache for your painstakingly chosen photographer!

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Cape Cod’s Best Uplighting

When you were a little girl, you may have dreamed of a magical wedding, with all the pieces in place, why not add just a touch more magic with beautiful uplighting to color your dreams.